Creative process in three words or less

Just saw a a post on Threads from Figma… describe your creative process in three words or less.

My attempt: Steal, splice, iterate.

Maybe I should elaborate?

Steal: Be inspired. Steal ideas from others, but also from your past. At the start, or even in the middle of, a project I tend to ask myself two questions. Have I solved a similar problem in the past and has someone else solved it? If the answer to either of those questions is yes or maybe, then I look at those projects through he lens of the one I’m working on.

Splice: This is where I take what I’ve discovered when looking back at what has been done before and splice in new thoughts and ideas.

Iterate: This is pretty self explanatory, but essentially I spend the rest of the time repeating the process until I come to a point where I have something that is hitting the problem head on and the design is coming to a resolution.

Phil Bowell @philbowell