From time to time as I’m browsing around I find things I want to bookmark for later. Most of them I want to share but don’t feel like the warrant a full blog post. You’ll find those bookmarks here.

Just in time for an election year in the US, from @news today: Added muting words or phrases to the timeline! On the web, click Account → …

Whoa. The ‘Download Template…’ feature of @danielpunkass’s MarsEdit is wild. Within a few seconds, it made a temporary post to my blog, and …


The October Declaration – British Friends of Israel

I wrote a denunciation of apps. Reader:

Maybe your plan B should be an alternative route to your plan A.

Cal Newport gives a great explanation of how ChatGPT works and why it probably won’t become Skynet. Reader:

Is “stream” as a design paradigm over?

Unsolicited blogging advice – Manu

Create visual feedback for running Shortcuts

Bookmarked GitHub - AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS: A list of RSS related stuff: tools, services, communities and tutorials, etc. (GitHub) A list …
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