Moving to Ghost

A year or so ago I moved my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll, going from a CMS powered website to a static site generator. The idea behind it was to make designing and building the site easier from my iPad, and in the hope it would give me a push to post more often.

It didn’t work.

So I find my self making another move and switching to Ghost to give that a try. It works with Ulysses which is my text editor of choice and an app I have installed on all my devices. Posting should be a lot easier now, but I’m unsure whether that will really make much of a difference. As I write this post, the question I keep finding myself returning to is why am I not blogging more?

Is it because I don’t want to? I don’t think so. I always have it nagging at the back of my mind that I want to write and post more. Is it that I don’t know what to write? That’s probably got something to do with it. Is it that I get hung up on it being my personal site and I want the design just right? That also likely is a cause. All of those are things that I can change, finding the way to change them is the key.

The first step I’ve made is to write myself some objectives. It’s that time of the year at work where we are moving to a new performance year. Part of the process involves me writing some objectives, this year I’m trying to use the OKR methodology to give myself some clear objectives and measures. I’ve decided to also write some personal OKRs for this quarter. We’ll see if they have an impact, but this post is the result of one of them, and we’ll see if I can keep going.

Phil Bowell @philbowell